A Lazy Afternoon

You should be illegal
       You, and that damn sexy smile
        You and your beautified lies
         Your presence that lingers for more than awhile
          You and your tearful goodbyes

- its nothing, I just miss writing/blogging poems. I suddenly miss the gloomy mood of my blog where all that you can read about are bitterness and hatred. I'm not complaining though, It feels so good to be happy that you never have to worry about anything at all.

Sometimes, I envy my relatives here in Cebu for their simple lives. I have always thought that city life is always better: rushing crowd, polluted streets and tall buildings. I have always thought that innovations are the key to find happiness in life. Its just now that I have realized what a fucking moron have I become. I've been too materialistic that I can never be happy with whatever I have. I have always thought that having all these gadgets and clothes would bring me happiness that I have always wanted, but I ended up asking for more. Sometimes more than what my Mom could provide. But here, I could wear the same clothes for  week and not a single living organism would even bother. I can have an ice-aged phone (i.e Nokia 3310) and not a single soul would even laugh at me. It's just too primitive and uncivilized that you wonder how can they smile when they don't even have an Internet connection? Why? How can they go on with their lives and not watch a show on television? How do they find friends when they have never heard of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogspot? It's too simple and light, and for a city guy like me, its too much to digest. How I wish I could be that simple, how I wish I could be that contented with life.

And they say that a man's want will never end, they obviously don't know my relatives yet.

Its just a random deep thought. Anyway, have a good day folks and never forget to smile!

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