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Today, I went to my Uncle's house in Madredejos which is one of the three towns in Bantayan Island. There is one place in Madredejos that I  would always visit. It's probably one of the best beach/park I've ever been. It's name is Kota Park. Whatever the meaning of Kota is something I never bothered to ask. What I do know is that it used to be a fortress in which women and children are kept to veer them away from Moro pirates who abducts them during the 70's.

Neatly trimmed grass, don't you just love it?
Artifacts, pictures and shells are displayed inside the fort
Forgive my face for ruining this view.
And for the amazing beach, here is a video which will give justice to Bantayan having beautiful beaches.

So..? Hopefully this was enough to entice you into visiting Bantayan Island. Til next time!

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  1. Haven't heard about this place before. Thanks for sharing this mate.

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