High School Life

"Highschool life, oh my highschool life ay walang kasing saya.. "

That song verse was taken from a Sharon Cuneta song that is played popularly on graduation rites.The song describes how wonderful highschool life is, how happy and how memorable it is, that whenever it's time to graduate, everyone cries, even teachers and mothers. I myself was guilty of crying during graduation, it was one ambivalent moment. I think many will agree to that. First, you'll feel happiness and relief for graduating, for passing those hard subjects, meeting deadlines for projects and attend classes from the most boring to the most terrifying teachers. There's loneliness, for leaving your alma mater that you've considered second home for four long years, loneliness for parting ways with your buddies, friends, seatmates, cheatmates, and bestfriends whom have seen you, at your  best and at your worst. Whom you've shared tons of laughter while talking about your teachers outfit, or buckets of tears for crying on a broken heart. These, all of these, is what makes highschool life, my highschool life, and I'm more than proud to share it with you.

After graduating from elementary, I was very ecstatic to enroll for highschool. At a young age, It serves as my pride, I'm gonna be a highschool student. But eventually, the enthusiasm slowly diminishes as the enrollment day is up to it's last week and im still choosing my school. I wanted to go in a public school. For me that is where real challenges are, both socially and academically. I would be tested on how good can I socialize with people from different walks of life, not that you cant find it in a private school, but a public school is diverse, not only limited to those who can pay. Academically, I think public school is still the best, although low in budget, the students doesnt mind a torn book or sometimes, no book at all, they want to learn and they wouldn't let anything take that away from them. I think that hunger was the reason for public students gaining achievements. After a long discussion, I was enrolled in a private school, Cafuir Learning Institute, which turned out to be Cafuir L-EARNING Institute. It was a so-so experience, not bad nor good. But I had my first girlfriend there. After just a year, I was able to convince my mom to enroll me in a different school, this time its a semi-private school, Imus Institute, whose tuition fee rivals my tuition fee this year. But money aside, enrolling at Imus Institute, maybe the best decision I made in my life yet.

At Cafuir, I ended my freshman year garnering the top spot, out of eleven, still a feat for me at that time so when I entered Imus Institute or I.I, I  was ready for a competition, I was already challenging myself even before enrolling, so when the day arrived that im going to see my report card for the first time, I didn't know why I smiled when I got my first ever line of seven grade. It was fun actually, after just a few months of stay in I.I i was able to make friends with my classmates,  I was happy, that I forgot that I am studying. It feels different, maybe because the whole of Cafuir is just a class in I.I, including the teacher. It could be other things, but one thing's for sure, I got my first ever line of seven, and I was very, very happy. I also found the poet in me during my stay in I.I. The first poem I wrote was entitled "Ikay", dedicated for my crush. Ikay turned into a series, reaching 27 parts, all was drenched during bagyong Milenyo flood. Sadly, Ikay and I never became a couple but were friends though. My first ever line of seven and Ikay , was the most significant things that happened during my sophomore year. During that time, I thought it was already highschool life, looking back, its not even half of what i've experienced.

During junior year, me and Ikay was still classmates, and I still have those line of seven grades but with a few addition, and these addition was one of the most memorable things. My section was Neon, and so we call ourselves "Tres-Neon Family" we have a grandmother reaching all the way down to a pet turtle, Yes, thats how delutional and close Tres-Neon Family is. Well, the addition was that I learned how to cut classes, and I've had my first failed grade, now I think you know why its memorable. Thinking of it brings a smile to my face, because I remember sitting in the canteen eating Quake bar, while my classmates suffered in solving the density of alcohol and memorizing the periodic table of elements. I didn't have problems with Chemistry back then, in fact my teacher will always ask me to check the test papers of my classmates, that's how good I was back then, so I don't bother missing a lesson or two. During junior year was also the time when I went home at 12 midnight, another first. I was very indulged in dancing at that time. It was United Nations celebration and theres a contest called Flag Dance where each class will have to present a dance based on the country they got. We managed to win the championship, and many other contest. If you think I was bad during junior year, well, I was just starting.

Come senior year, which completed what I am today. During senior year, I never had a failing grade nor a line of seven, But, I learned to smoke, drink and many other things. I belong to a group of friends called "Forever Society", composed of a few Tres-Neon and some new found friends. This group, is my second family. If during junior year, I just cut classes, senoir year I began not attending classes. I will just spend the day hanging out with Forever. Forever is not a bad group nor a bad influence to any of it's members, I chose to be bad and Forever was not responsible for my choice because im not so stupid that other people needs to decide for me, No, im willing to have a debate with anyone just to defend Forever. Sure, we had misunderstandings, but that made us strong, strong enough to remain friends until forever.

These and many more, are the reason for what I am right now. They made me who I am, along with my choice to be that way. Truly, highschool is the happiest part of our life studying. Through meeting other people, I learned so many things, some I still find use until today. Including cheating, I learned the true value of happiness, of life, of friendship and being you. I learned that other people can't make you happy until you choose to be happy with them, therefore, happiness can't be found in other people, in things, in events because they wont make an impact unless you let them, concluding that happiness is something you create, out of choice. I think its one thing I learned the most in highschool.I chose to be happy with the people I spend my day with, it was my choice to smoke, to drink to not go home. I cannot blame anyone for what I am , It was, after all, my choice.

I know that life has many more things to offer, but by far, highschool is what I have loved the most. Im starting to love college life, but it's different from highschool. I know there's still a lot of people to meet, places to go, events to remember, but one thing's for sure, highschool will always have a special place in my heart, and in my mind.

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