There is never a day that I don't think of you. There is never a day that my mind wanders through what-if's and could-have-been's.

You could have been here with me. We would go swimming together and you will be in awe of how beautiful my birthplace is. We would be in each other's arms under the hot sun, and we will end the day with a kiss at sunset. This could have been one hell of a vacation, this could have been more than what it is.

What if we're still together? Maybe now instead of blogging my heart out, we would have been cuddling this cold day through.What if i wasn't born stupid? Maybe I wouldn't have such thoughts like this. But unluckily, we are not together and I was born stupid. Somewhat too stupid to let go of someone who loves me so much, too stupid to even realize that I was too stupid and too stupid to think of anything sane than you.

Thoughts of you greet me good morning and lulls me to sleep at night. Thoughts of you are my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don't want to accept this fact but I do think I still love you, and I fear that I might for a long time.

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  1. Nice post Gene. well, you gotta stop sulking and win her back. do it quick.