A Little Bit of Me

Good Day folks! I can't think of anything to blog about so I came with this ^ (its an arrow). Those are the 5 things I can't leave home without.

  1. First is money, of course for obvious reasons. It may sound kinda off, but nowadays, there's no denying that money is a necessity. I mean if you wanna go out, you should have money to pay for your fares right?
  2. Next is a cellphone. Yes, that's my phone. I don't really fancy touch screen phones because I find it pointless and unnecessary. Though I had one before, it was fine. Anyway, since my Mom is abroad and she always make unexpected calls to see if I'm okay so I always see to it that I have my phone with me.
  3. Third on the list is my PSP. Actually, anything with a music player would have been on this list but since my phone is paleolithic I included my PSP. I really love listening to music whenever I travel. It makes the journey easier plus it keeps you away from chatty people. Its like an earphone on the ear means 'Shut Up' already so it's pretty convenient. Plus, you could play games and watch movie if you like, or if you have time to spare. It's the perfect multimedia tool for me.
  4. Pen and a Notebook. Well, I really love to write, hence the blog, and sometimes, I have these random thoughts and if by chance I'm not on my laptop, I write it down. Sometimes I create poems out of nowhere, or a rant, or just a random pointless thought. Plus I'm still  student too, so I need them pen and paper to write lectures and cheats lessons.
  5. Lastly, a book. I love to read as well, and I always try to bring a book with me whenever I go out. 
So I guess that's it. I don't have much to blog. Have a good day everyone!

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