Bad Movie is Bad

I love movies and as much as possible, I try my best to watch movies in the cinema rather than download them illegally freely. So you could imagine the disappointment I get whenever the movie I chose was beyond horrible. Not only did I waste time but money. To my dismay, the last two movies I've watched was, well disappointing.

The first one was Snow White and the Huntsman starring Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart. I hated it so much, and if movies were not expensive, I would have left and watched another movie. Seriously, watching porn is better than watching that damn movie! If not for Charlize Theron, I wouldn't have the guts to digest the movie. First, it was too long. We all know how the original story went, and maybe that anticipation was a contributing factor as to why I found the movie boring. Nonetheless, the writers or whoever should have done something more creative so that people will look forward to something. But no, what they added was nonsensical and out of the point. Especially that water tribe sort of thing, what the heck? The troll, what was the point of the effin troll? To prove Snow White was pure and innocent and the chosen one? But they already did that with the white deer. The story is vague as well. I was not sure as to whom Snow White was in love. At first, I was rooting for the Huntsman, like a happily-ever-after-kiss-at-the-end-after-I-save-you cliche. Then he kissed his childhood sort of friend who is in love with her, who turned out to be the Evil Queen, in your face Snow White! Then when Snow White ate the poison apple, it was the Huntsman's kiss who cured her. Somehow it reminded me of another movie... Twilight!

Now, the acting. I don't claim to be a good actor, heck I'm not even close to being an actor, but I know a bad acting when I see it. Kristen Stewart and her one-face-gazillion-emotion acting prove to be useful, in making me angry. I mean, it was all that was asked of her, a good acting since her lines are very limited and she failed miserably. To me, Charlize Theron was the star of the movie both acting and beauty. Chris Hemsworth to me was fine, but girls are really in to him. I almost laughed when I heard someone behind me saying "Ang pogi ni Chris Hemsworth, nakakalaglag ng panty".

Over-all, if you are looking for a movie that you would enjoy, Snow White and the Huntman is not that movie. I do commend them for an amazing cinematography, but no, I didn't help in making the movie palatable.

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