Occupation: Father

If  there's one thing I look forward to in the future, it would be the moment that I will become a father.

I could have many careers and jobs and nothing, and no amount of salary can equal that of being a father. The feeling of another life to take care of, the feeling of "making" a person is just so, heavenly. Me coming from a broken family might be one of the reasons for this enthusiasm, nevertheless, being a father is a career I would devote my life with. I would be a good father to all my sons and daughters, see to it that they grow well provided economically, mentally, physically and emotionally. I know it's demanding, but so what? I've had the time  of my life, and time for me to give chance to others. I would never ever hurt my children. I would be a cool parent. I would show them how beautiful life is. I would be what my father was not: Strong not for myself but for my children.

I will not try to control them. I will let them make their own choices and decisions though I know they might fail. For I think the best way to learn is to fail the first time. I would teach them confidence and self-esteem, something I've had troubled with growing up. I let them live their life the way they want it to, as long as it serves them well. I will let them have fun, I will teach them how to enjoy like I did. I will show them how beautiful life is.

I really cant wait to have a family

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