You're just a seat away from me
and my peripheral vision gives me a wonderful
view of you
I have always been this shy
I have always been this awkward
I have always been this resistant to things
I know I will never have
and you are just another physical manifestation
of how unfair life is, at least to me
You are just another muse
of my unknown poems of
unspoken feelings
Words without mass
Words that will never have
a single space in your whole
anatomical being
Therefore, words that will never matter
This universe will never give a damn
whether my feelings are expressed or not
For I am just another dust
in this wide spectacle of radiant lights
Funny how we breath the same air and yet,
we can never be together


  1. Great words but then again, we all have to learn to move on with or without the person we wish we can be with.