Opportunity Came Knocking

I'm beyond ecstatic!

Since my Mom arrived from Saudi Arabia, I never had the chance to check my mail and since she took my Smart Bro kit, I still haven't checked my mail until now. And God! What a wonderful surprise came knocking at my doorstep.

An email dated July 12 was sent to me by this company which will remain nameless. To cut the story short, they have invited me and my blog be one of their Brand Ambassador. Yep, it sounds so formal and big and I'm very happy!

I really don't know what to say and still in shock. Good things have been happening since I started this blog and for that I am very thankful. More good things are coming, that I promise since the company wants me to host giveaways.

Once again, thank you very much for this opportunity, I so hope however that it's still open. I will reveal the company's name soon. Anyway, I really need to have a stable internet connection from now on. I still have a class so good day folks!

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