Date a Guy Who Writes

Date a guy who writes. Date guy whose sharpest weapon is his pen, and nothing else. Find someone who will write you poems everyday. Someone who will search the whole dictionary just to find words perfect for you. He may not be a man of deeds, or the smoothest talker, but he will surely melt your heart with his mastery of words.

He may not be able to bring you flowers everyday, but his writings will delight you as much, much more even. Finds someone who writes, for he believes in modesty: one need not to shout how much they love someone. He is gentle, subtle in his way of affection.

Date a guy who writes for his words are mirrors of his heart. He does not use words for its mere purpose of completing a sentence. For him, every word of everything he writes is a piece of himself. He values honesty, for it is the foundation of his love. He may not be well groomed. He may not be tough. He may be unsure, awkward, clumsy even. But a guy who writes will love you in the most honest way possible.

Date a guy who writes, for they love romance, hence, will do anything to make theirs last a lifetime.


  1. A man with a pen is more mighty than a man with a sword. ie: Jose Rizal

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