Goodbye Pidol!

The Philippines King of Comedy Dolphy, passed away just tonight, at age 83.

If the circulating news are true, this is a very sad moment not only in the world of the show business, but for the whole country as well. We lost one important pillar of the Philippine Cinema. I may not know him personally nor grew up in his heyday, I still feel sad.

For years, Dolphy has been battling with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. A disease that strains a persons ability to breath, that a mere pneumonia can lead to death. Just last month, Dolphy was rushed into the hospital due to his recurring pneumonia which is a great danger for him since he was still suffering from COPD, an incurable disease. In the end, the Philippine's King of Comedy was defeated by the said complications.

He's the perfect epitome of rags to riches, a commoner to being a famous. A person whose existence was a proof that talent, and not good looks can take you farther. He made us laugh with his comedy, in fact his antics was enough to make us burst out laughing.

But to me, he is most memorable in his portrayal of Markova, a comfort gay during the Japanese occupation. I may not know John and Marsha, but I grew up watching Home Along the Riles. He is not just a comedian. He's an artist whose mastery of his chosen craft spanned six decades and 13 presidents. A feat for anyone in the entertainment industry whose tide changes every so often, but Dolphy, through his humor and kindness among fellow artist, survived. He will always be the King of Comedy.

Truly, his passing is a great loss for the entertainment industry. So Mr. Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. or Dolphy, Pidol, John Puruntong and many other names and characters you gave life to, thank you for all the laughs and smile. You will be remembered.

*Photo from theentertainmentlifestyle.com

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