A Hate Poem

I would have written something sweet to start this
but I know you will just scroll past this
you won't even notice
you will just scroll down
and won't give a damn

So why would I bother create
A poem so lovely any girl would palpitate
If you, the reason why I'm like this
wouldn't even care how lovely my poem is

(This line would have been the best
Words will be the loveliest and the sweetest)

But the biggest irony of them all
Is while I tire myself and waiting for you to fall
You cry yourself to sleep
Because someone you love wounded you so deep
And you feel like your whole world is crumbling down
For the love of your life is now in love with another one

You blame all the guys from what happened
and promised never to fall in love so sudden
for you have been hurt so may times
and that sucks to bad, cause I never had the chance
A chance to prove that I love you so much
A chance to show that I can be enough

Now tell me, why would I even bother
Why should I hold another pen and paper
When my words are never enough
To tell you I love you so much

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