Lost In My Own Thoughts

I just realized something. If television and the internet we're illegal like some drugs, doesn't it make us addicts?

One way of another, we are all addicted to something and if the things we mostly enjoy right now we're illegal, I bet we would all be salivating by just the thought of it. I really don't know where my thought are taking me with this, but bear with me please?

You see the only difference between cocaine and internet connection is that one is legal and one is not. We pay for both just to be able to enjoy it. It's quite expensive. More importantly, we value it more when we are lonely, we use it to escape from something. No, I'm not petitioning that illegal drugs should be, err legal. All I'm saying is that we are all addicted to something ( did I just wrote it again, sorry )

I'm just lost in my own thoughts, but I hope you get the point. Anyway the movie I just watched was probably the reason I'm like this. It's Requiem for a Dream. It's an interesting and very disturbing movie. You should really watch it, maybe then you'll understand this gibberish post. Good night everyone!

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