Of Diets and Burgers

As of the moment, I'm craving for calorie-rich, fat-bathe, cholesterol-drenched food. I'm currently on a diet, since what I saw on the weighing scale shocked me. Plus, I'm finding it hard to dress myself. Anyway, if I wasn't on a diet right at this very moment. This blog wouldn't be written as I will dash off to the nearest fast food chain and drown myself in preservative rich food. But since I'm on a strict diet, I will just make a list of the best burgers I have ever tasted yet. Just so you know, this is just so tempting so I hope you will appreciate my post, haha.

Double Cheese Burger, McDonalds.

This was probably the reason why I fell in love with burgers. Among all the burgers on this list, McDonald's Double Cheese Burger was the first one I've tried. I was not a fan of fast food chains before. Mainly because I was teenage-poor back then. When I first tried it, right there and then I knew, I'm gonna die fat. It's just delicious! The double patties and the double cheese is just heavenly. The onions, the pickles and the bun, ugh! I want one right now!

Champ, Jollibee

1/3 pounds of 100 percent pure beefy goodness! I am a fan of Jollibee since I was a kid. I think everyone is. Like the Double Cheese Burger, I was already too old for a toy when I tried Jollibee Champ. It was freaking good, I swear I could eat two of it in one seating. I have always loved their patties, even the Yum is delicious enough for me. But the Champ, it's way way up there!

The Whooper, Burger King

What do you expect, it was after all from the king! Haha Famed for their Flamed Grilled burgers, Burger King is home for probably the best tasting burgers. Lead by the Whooper, and many other selections, Burger King will not only satisfy your cravings for burger, it will make you want to come back for more. Geez, someone is salivating already.

Amazing Aloha, Jollibee

It was one of those seasonal burger of Jollibee. Though I don't think it is sold anymore. My dream to go to Hawaii was probably the reason why I bought this burger on my way to school. It was embarrassing eating it while on the bus. Everybody was staring at me. If they only knew. One bite and I was hooked up in this burger. Maybe it was the bacon, or the pineapple or the patties. Or maybe it's just my appetite. Whatever the hell it is, I just wish Jollibee would bring it back.

Godzilla, Tokyo Tokyo

 I was surprised myself upon learning that Tokyo Tokyo is already serving burgers. I saw their menu and got curious to their new addition. So I ordered and waited. Actually, I was hesitant because I don't know what to expect. Sure Fried Chicken Karage was delicious, but this is burger, obviously different. My order arrived and goodness! It was really big. It was juicy, it was tasty, it was beyond delicious! I was smiling while eating, I don't know why. Crumbs are dropping everywhere so are juices from the patty. I couldn't care less, I'm eating a delicious burger. Enough said.

And for my most favorite burger at the moment....

McDonalds'  Big n' Tasty  was introduced along with a very creative, not to mention tempting commercial. They sure know how to catch someones attention. Some would say that it was just like any other burger, NO! It's freaking delicious, I could have three times a day. The thick patty, the cheese and the special sauce trapped in a bun. Flavors will burst into your mouth and you would realize ow wonderful life is.

Help! I can't breath, too much saliva... flood. Need to get out. By now, I'm sure by now you can imagine what my weight is. This post made my stomach go into a concert. It's playing a music I am very familiar with.  Maybe I'll have one of those cheat days people on a diet do. Anyway, have a good day guys!

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