Thank You Smart, Thank You Very Much!

That is without a hint of irony.

I sincerely thank Smart Communications, the country's number one network for providing me with the best service. Right now, I can't access a quarter of the website I used to visit. Is it me or is it my connection? I do think it's me, and my crappy laptop. It is impossible that the leading network would provide such slow and unreliable internet connection. It is just way down their level of service.

Speaking of service. I have  a story of how reliable and trustworthy Smart is.

You see, I've been using Smart Bro Prepaid Stick for a long time now and I was thinking of trying a stronger and more stable internet connection. My bed and my laptop are just few of the unlucky witnesses of the various position I do searching for the strongest signal. Anyway, so I went to Smart Communications in our local mall and started browsing their list of various types of providing internet. I opted for the MyBro Wireless Internet blah blah. I would have wanted to try DSL but I don't really need the phone. So I went in, sat down and asked for what I need. They told me that MyBro blah blah can be 'outside' or 'inside'. Outside is where they put an antenna-like sort of thing and that's where you get internet and the other one is a WiFi thing to be put inside the house. I would have wanted the WiFi but they said it is not available for the moment. They asked to wait, but I know myself better, and my patience in waiting is not really that good. I chose the antenna. I felt lucky that time because I was able to get a discount for their back-to-school promo. 50 percent of, meaning I only have to 499 as oppose to the original price of 999. I saved 500 pesos! So I signed and paid. They told me that it will take two days before the installation . Well it's just two days, I told myself. What could be worst?

That was Monday. Come Thursday morning and still there's no sign, not even a shadow of the installation guys. I would have wanted to wait for the rest of the day but I have a class. I was about to go home after my prelim exams for the day and an anonymous number called me. I am quite snobbish when it comes to anonymous callers so I didn't even bother answering. I had a gut feeling though that maybe it was the installation guys. And I was right. Just after I enter the house my Aunt told me someone came from Smart. I wasn't around, my Aunt told the guys and they said they will just come back. I was devastated. I already spend the last three days without internet and my hand are itching already, how long will I have to wait? Later that night someone from Smart called and they told me that I would be rescheduled and asked what day will I be available. I chose Sunday.

Come Sunday, I was freaking ecstatic. They arrived early, asked if I am who I am and I said yes, after that they asked me to show them around  and I did. After a few twists and turns, they started setting up the Canopy, apparently, it was the name of the antenna thing. I was watching them while working, I also asked a few questions regarding the Canopy. All my questions were vaguely answered. I didn't mind, to hell with that, I'll just look it up online. After a few drops of sweat, one guy dropped the bomb. The fucking Canopy cannot get any signal. I was dumbfounded. Cannot get a signal?  My room is in the third floor of the house. Cannot get a signal? But my Smart Bro Stick can. Cannot get a signal? Fucking why? They told me a lot of things is blocking and blah blah and more senseless blah blah.

I fucking waited for almost a week and this is what I get? How doomed is humanity! I'm over reacting, I know.

So they told me if I wanted a refund or if I want to wait for the WiFi thing. I opted for a refund as I want to try the DSL. Maybe that is a more stable connection. They said someone will call me regarding the issue and that I should be fine.

That was July 22. Tomorrow, it will be a month since they told me that someone will make a call. A month has passes and up until now, I haven't received a fucking call from Smart. Why?

So Smart Communications, thank you for your wonderful service. I hope to hear from you soon. Now I know why you are the country's number one.

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