What Should We Learn

After all the disasters that our country faced, what should we, the Filipinos learn from them?

Of course it is given that we should now value our nature and take care of it more. It will be stupid to blame nature alone for what had happen, for it is us, who brought the tragedy among ourselves. Had we been taking care of our surroundings, had the government planned the city well, maybe somehow, the loss was lessened.

But as I said, the lesson to care for nature is already given, it has been rubbed to our faces not once but many times. Not only in the Philippines but anywhere in the world. After Gener and the fierce Habagat. I think what we should value more is one another.
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Unity. To me, that is one important lesson I've learned. All the social, economical, financial and religious boundaries we set will all be gone whenever an incident like this happens. It is clearly a line drawn in the sand. It will never last for it is not a necessity humans can live without. The sad thing is, we set them ourselves. We dictates what the society should be. We create norms and fads which defines nothing but our inability to see through them. We create boundaries among ourselves which does nothing but destroy us. And Oh! the irony of it all. Once disaster strikes everything and everyone becomes equal.

Truly, we value the wrong things in life and what isn't necessary we love more. 

After the disaster, I do hope that everyone will realize the value of camaraderie. I hope everyone will treat each others just the same. For whenever nature or God makes the call, no one will be spared. May you be rich or poor, known or anonymous, skinny or fat, beautiful and ugly, tall or short, we are all equal in the eyes of death. 

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