Unemployed? How About This!

Me and my Mom was just talking about jobs after graduation. This is my last in year college hopefully and just after a few months, I will be a fresh meat at the employment market. There's no denying that it is really hard to find job these days. Some even apply for jobs which is not within their fields. It made me think of the worst job a person can get and oh boy! To say I'm shocked will be a colossal understatement. Jobs like this do exist! If you are unemployed, would you even dare apply for this bizarre jobs?

Odor Judge

Salary: $19,000-$52,000/Year
Job Description:
In my own opinion, our noses are the least used body organ in terms of jobs. Before, I didn't even think of a possible job where we use our nose other than perfume tester. But as they say necessity is the mother of inventions. Body odors, Halitosis, smelly feet and all other odorous human secretion was discovered (more like smelled). Your job as an odor judge is to determine the effectiveness of deodorants, mouthwash and foot powders. Yes, it means smelling other peoples armpits and breath. Enough said.

Chick Sexer

Salary: 50,000-65,000 euros
Job Description:
I think this one is very easy, and somehow better than smelling someone else's armpit. All you have to do is identify the sex of a chick after it hatches so that they can be sorted out. Cockerels for the meat and Pullet for the egg producing. The funny thing is there is actually a school where they specialize in Chicken Sexing. Zen Nippon Chick Sexing School in Nagoya Japan train applicants for 5 months to be able to qualify as a Chick Sexer.

Barnyard Masturbator

Salary: Ynknown
Job Description:
Manually (yes, by hand) stimulate an animal in order to obtain semen to be used for research purposes. The things people will do in the name of sciences.

Those are just three of the most bizarre jobs I have ever known. It's somewhere between odd-and what the hell. Sniffing an armpit? REALLY? I can barely stand mine! Haha kidding aside, I salute those people who are in this field. It's good to know that there are brave people who are willing to do this kind if things in order to survive. If it was me, just the humiliation alone would probably kill me.

There you have it, just some jobs waiting for those who are and will be waiting at the unemployment line. Good thing I'm in the field of communications. So, got your resumes ready?

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