IPhone 5

Seems to me that we are nearing that I,Robot phase.

Apple officially announced its new flagship smartphone with the new IPhone 5. Just after the release of IPhone 4s and IPad 3, it looks like Apple is somewhat desperate to keep up with the smartphone battle. Although they have won patent rights over South Korea's Samsung (which cost the latter more than a billion dollars), the immediate release of Iphone 5 proves that Apple is shaken. To me, the release is just to show that they can keep up with Samsung or that they are more innovative than Samsung, hence, another court battle, kidding!

The new IPhone 5, thinnest smartphone. (source)
Kidding aside, the immediate release is a desperate move in my humble opinion. After winning their court battle, Apple has to prove that they really are leading the smartphone arena. Samsung released the SIII, with raging reviews and approval, as well as the bigger Galaxy Note II whose predecessor soared up with a 10 million units sold, and they happen to be "stealing" technology from Apple? Come on!
Samsung's Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II (source)

I think Apple is feeling the pressure. IPhone 5's edge over IPhone 4s is not that significant (based or reviews and news only, I do not own any Apple product [though I wish I have]). This just in my opinion though, IPhone 5 could have been better had Apple took time before announcing it. I mean if you want to impress, time is just another investment. People are still clamoring though, and I don't think my opinion about it matters, so I'm just gonna shut up!

Good Day folks!

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