Ignored Genius

I just came home from watching I Do Bidoo Bidoo and boy! It was soo damn good! I'm a fan of musicals and this will certainly be on my list. It was funny, it was heartfelt, genius!

I don't really go into details when I talk about movies because I don't want to spoil anything. Anyway, I really liked the movie and I think I made that clear from the very start of this post, haha. I really do think that the movie gave justice to the songs of Apo Hiking Society. It was like the songs were written specifically for the movie, and we all know that the songs came first. Though it's an advantage because Chris Martinez would easily breeze into choosing what song to sing when, granted that the song was written years ago, it didn't feel that way. It's not 'pilit' or forced so that a song would fit into a scene, it feels so natural. Hands down and bow down to the genius Chris Martinez ( who also brought us Here Comes the Bride and 100), you really know how to do a movie (well duh!)

The cast oh! the cast. I think I just belted a note right there. All the casts were great, even the neophyte Tippy Dos Santos  (who is beautiful, by the way). I mean yeah she could still bring more, mapipiga pa but for her first starring role, pretty impressive. Sam Concepcion was a surprise. I've watched him before in some of his shows and by far, for me, this is his best. He really is a good dancer, though I have to ask if it was him singing through out the movie? I've heard him sing before and he has a voice, but what I heard in some of the songs in the movie was quite different. Zsa-Zsa Padilla is a really good actress and she compliments Gary Valenciano well. I didn't even know that he can act! Ogie Alcasid portrays the father role very well, especially the car scene, I really felt him. Eugene Domingo is her usual self, funny as always. Oh! and Jaime Fabregas is just beyond funny. I have to give credit to Neil Coleta for his performance, he did justice to what his role is about. I do agree with Ms.Cathy of Make Me Blush, that it deserves a movie of its own.

It was a relevant movie which my generation can connect to. What sets it apart is that it was done in a way that normal people would understand. No cinematic tricks, no symbolism whatsoever. It was your ordinary movie with a lesson to tell and yet it will surprisingly get into you no matter how generic and abused the plot is. Maybe it's the music, maybe it's the cast, maybe it was how Chris Martinez wrote it. It could be many things why I really enjoyed the movie, but it all boils down to one thing: We Pinoy's can create something we can all be proud of.

It saddens me that the movie is piled under Hollywood releases. It such a shame that when someone finally concocted something we can call our own, we just ignore it for blonds and blue eyes with an accent. I hope that everyone  will still watch Filipino films even though its a bit disappointing sometimes.  And please watch this movie because it soo good that I know you will enjoy every minute of it.

Thats about it for now, have a good night folks!

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