Rekindling the Past

No, this is not an overly-emotional post about love that everyone is obsessed about. I know how powerful love is. Love sells more records, more movie tickets, more books and all other commodities in which love can be injected to. No, this is just a random post about my blogging past.
I really suck at this haha notice the error?

I've started Metered Words way back February this year, but I have been blogging for ages. Yes ages, and it all started in Friendster. Remember Friendster? God Bless it's binary soul but it was the site started it all. Sadly I can't retrieve anymore whatever it is that wrote back then and honestly, I don't intend to retrieve whatever it is I wrote back then. You might laugh at me. I might even laugh at myself. well, I was younger back then (I hate saying that, I'm just 20) and I have screwed views about life and love.

The next one was Xanga. I really can't recall how and why I came into Xanga, but nothing's change, I'm still the hopeless romantic blogger. As usual, I blog about love and all. I really don't know why love was such a necessity back then. Maybe it's my testosterone or hormones or any of those biological things they mention that affects how an individual thinks to veer them away to the fact that they are just a normal screwed up. What's funnier is that I'm already in college when I started Xanga and it seems like my maturity back then is still unstable. Though I must say I improved a lot since those good ol'  Friendster.

 The last one I tried before settling with Metered Words was Tumblr. My Tumblr experience is good, even better than age old Friendster and overly-emotional Xanga. I was able to tackle social issues until I find myself confused as to what I really believe in. I was also into quotes and all, or as they call it in Tumblr 'typography'. I actually have a folders worth of typography I made myself. I was also into Photography and a lot more. It was fun when I started, but somewhere along the way I got lost. I was so into it, I was so into 'being heard' that find it hard to identify what I really blog about. I tackle issues I don't know just to say that what I blog is relevant. What's worst it that I begged for people's attention just to justify or even consider myself as someone famous. I hated myself just remembering about. It's like I set a personal standard when nobody asked me to do so. I let my ego get the best of me, so I decided to quit (or more or less like that, I still have my account).

Then  I came to Blogger and started Metered Words. So far it's been a wonderful journey. I don't think I need to elaborate much but I'm really happy here and I'm thinking about buying my own domain.

If you want to visit my Xanga click HERE (is it obvious how 'emo' I was back then) and if you want to visit my Tumblr click HERE. That's about it guys, my blogging journey. I don't know why I decided to plunge back into memory pool but, it's been fun.

Have a good day folks, smile!

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