Of Books and Tears

Hi guys!

It's a lazy Sunday today. I was not able to blog for a couple of days, and I do apologize for that. I was not in the blogging mood this past few days.

Mom flew back to Saudi Arabia last Thursday. I was crying like crazy before she left. I'm gonna miss her, Baba, and my two brothers very, very much.  So after she left, I immediately went to the mall so veer myself away from saddening thoughts. I brought 3 books and ate a lot. I was really sad and to add to my loneliness, a lot of mother and son/daughter are in sight. I went to my friends house and slept there, because I'd just cry the whole night if I went home. So, I guess you know why I wasn't blogging much.

Anyway, I bought this wonderful books and one of the is Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I was looking for a help self book just to try and see if it really works and came across the said book. It was surprisingly cheap!

Bookworm alert!
 The Purpose Driven Life is a book that are supposed to read for 40 days and I am planning to start on Monday. I'm really serious with this and I'm thinking that I'd also incorporate a diet so that it would be a holistic change for me. I'll keep you posted with my progress starting tomorrow. I'm thinking of making another blog for this or I'll just post it here on Metered Words as the book also suggests and encourage the reader to document the whole journey.

I hope I do this well and I hope that I will succeed. I think it's about time that I do something significant in my spiritual life. Have a good Sunday folks!

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  1. Oh wow! I think my post came perfectly with this post. We are somewhat talking about the same topic - books. It's good to know about your choice of way on dealing with your sadness - sounds good and challenging.

    You've got three great books here. I'm a Paulo Coelho fan but I only read a very few of his works bec I've got little time to read lately. I'm not familiar with the book in the middle. The 3rd book makes me feel guilty. Somebody gifted me that and I failed the "40 days" after several try :( I even bought the journal from MIBF (lol) but...

    Anyways, I wish to follow you on your journey & hope that somehow, I will be able to share some encouragements to u. I think one way of doing that is when I see your blog roll on top, I'll visit you and see your progress, deal?

    Good luck bro!