Of Hypocrites and Righteous, May Your Souls Be Blessed

By now I'm sure you are all familiar with this Amalayer person, who isn't? After her viral video and not to mention topping the trend on twitter, Amalayer became an instant sensationalized item.
If you ask me, I really don't care about her or the issue. I mean things like that happen everyday. It's not something new, its not something too violent, its not something worth talking about actually, but there are people ever so righteous who talks about it like the girl committed a heinous crime, therefore should be stoned to death. Funny how people morphs into morally upright individuals as soon as something like this happen. When in the first place, we are facing far more bigger problems than Amalayer and her temper.

I pity her and everyone who judged her so quickly. Especially those who were not even there where that frigging thing took place. All of their accusations and judgement are solely based on a 1 minute video. How can you judge someone that quick? How can you sum up a person with only 60 seconds of her life presented at you? After all the things people called her, all the things people accused her of, all the names she's been called, has it ever occurred to you that maybe, you are far more ill tempered and ill mannered for having the guts to criticize  ones morality while completely ignoring the fact that you are not morally perfect yourself?
My FB status yesterday at height of Amalayer's err career.

Maybe, Cyber Crime Law should be passed after all so people can watch what they post online. The sad news is, she was kicked out of her school and God knows what other misfortunes. If Amalayer can read this, it's not that I support you or what, it's not like I was a fan of what you did, it's just that I do understand what being human is all about, and part of that is bursting in anger in any damn place. I don't know whole story of what happened, I couldn't care less actually, but just so you know, not everyone is mad at you, at least not me.

Have a good night folks, Smile!

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