I Have Been Very Nice Santa, Too Nice

Hey guys! It's a lazy Sunday morning, what are you up to?

It's only 37 days before Christmas and as usual I am salivating at the thought of things I want to buy. I doubt though that I will get a bigger moolah from my Mom since she already gave me my dream phone. But hey, it's free to dream and so I made a wishlist of the things I want to have for Christmas. I am making this just for the sake of not boring myself. I hope that I have made it clear so that you wont think I am BEGGING some of you to give me these things, but in the spirit of giving and charity and you think that I deserve it you could always send me one, tee hee. Anyways, here is my Christmas wishlist:

CandyShell from Speck and ID Pocket Value Set from Capdase

Cases for Samsung S3 - As I've mentioned, my Mom gave me my dream phone which is Samsung Galaxy S3. I was very ecstatic upon hearing that she bought me one. No, I didn't forced her, it's just that she loves me very much haha. Anyway, having an S3 doesn't mean I have the money to buy expensive casings and protectors for it, after all I still thrive on student allowance. Moreover, I want to protect and keep my phone to it's pristine state so this CandyShell from Speck would be an awesome gift. If not CandyShell, and you want it to be more grand, why not this Capdase ID Pocket Value Set Xpose with a Lure Case? I went to our local branch of Capdase and oh boy! Were they expensive or what? It's in the price range not suitable for students like me. A simple case can feed me for over a week, and that is the cheapest one. But hey, from the looks of it, I can really say that it comes with a high quality what they sell so maybe the price is just right.

casual slip on from Sanuk and Teller shoes from Jump. Photos from Zalora

Shoes - Who hates shoes? It's like a necessity but it's not. I am very fond of shoes actually, but my pocket is not. All of the shoes I like are just pricey although they re good I must say. Take for example this awesome Teller shoes from Jump. I saw this on Zalora and I've been loving them ever since. Actually I was invited to be one of Zalora's ambassador but I took too long to process my papers, I never bothered asking them if I could still be one, I think they gave me enough time already. Although I am sneakers time of a person I still dig this casual slip on's from Sanuk. I do think it's for those unexpected or unplanned gimmick and you don't have time to think of a get up, just put these on a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt, and you're good to go!

SBPRC messenger bag and All Access Halfday from Nike. Photos from Zalora

Bags - Who hates bags? It's like a necessity but it's not. Haha Although it is cliched that college students carry almost nothing but themselves whenever they go to school, I want to own a bag because, cliched as it is, it is totally false. I want to learn and have various knowledge that I can utilize in the future. I want a bag to help me carry the burden of a bunch of notebooks and a  ballpen, and a book, and my perfume, and my phone, and my ID's and Key's, and some cash so I badly need this  Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club messenger bag. And if by chance I need to go somewhere for a project or group study, this All Access Halfday from Nike is more than perfect. 

I guess that's just it. I don't really ask for much these days. I am aiming for abstinence from asking haha. Anyway it's fun to dream of having these things. Although it scares me that If I will be working for  salary, it would only end up in stores and shop, and I will die and grow old without a savings. Why not make your won Christmas wishlist? 

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday guys. Smile!

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  1. wala akong nabasa at nakitang wish! hindi ako dumaan dito! ha ha ha