The Legend of the Blue Candle

Hey guys! How's your holiday?

You know, in my 20 years of existence, I have never, ever worn a costume for holloween. In fact I have never celebrated holloween ever in my life. Well, I live in the Philippines and we don't really do much of those trick or treat stuff and dressing up thingy. Like most people, I spent my November 1 at my uncles grave together with my aunt and niece. It was rather normal, until a mystery unfolds.

When we arrived at the grave me and my aunt saw that there were candles already lit, two white ones and a blue candle. My aunt thought it was my uncle's sister, who went early because she was  the one who brought and arranged the flower at the grave. So we ignored it. Later that afternoon, my uncle's sister came. My aunt and her chatted for a while until my aunt asked her is she was the one who brought and lit the three candles. She said it was the two white candles she brought and lit, but the blue one was not hers. They were both surprised, who could have brought and lit the blue candle? My uncle's sister thought it was my uncle's son, who went much earlier than her to clean the grave, but my aunt dismissed the idea since he went to our house before he went to the grave and he was not carrying anything. They were both discussing when my uncle's son arrived. They immediately asked him but he no, what made it all more mysterious is that the candle was already there when he arrived, and it was lit. Everybody was dumbfounded and mystified as to who brought and lit the blue candle and why.

Up until now, we still don't know the answer. Anyway, I think that's about it. It's another boring day today and I can't think of anything to blog about. I'm running out of creative juices and all so I apologize if my blog post will be lesser than before. Have a good day guys and enjoy your holiday. Smile!

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