A Tale Of Two Aches: Of Heartaches and Tummyaches

Good Evening Guys!

Yesterday I was able to watch One More Try and Sisterakas, and as always, I will be writing my thoughts about the movie


I have already expected that this movie will surely do good in the box-office, although good is really an understatement.

I liked the movie. I would have laughed even harder had I been with friends, but I was alone so my laughs were quite pigil. Vice Ganda really proves that his brand of comedy, though quite harsh, can surely relieve some stress. AiAi de las Alas on the other hand seems to be lacking her humor bones as Vice outshines her. She had funny moments and all, but to me they appear too unreal, to directed that the supposed humor is lost. Maybe it's the age?  Kris Aquino should really stick to horror, perhaps her massacre days. She's not bad, but I find it very painful to watch whenever she cracks a joke. Exaggeration might be funny to some, but to me, uh-uh. Oh and when she danced her infamous "Rubadabango", it's ... beyond adjectives. Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla is their usual self that I find it boring, too cheesy even. Maybe it's because I lack the 'teen' suffix.

With much reiteration, I did like the movie though I think it's been done before. In fact it's been raped and murdered countless times that the Supreme Court should ratify a new law against it. After laughing so hard and repeating the jokes until you vomit, the movie does nothing. I don't suppose it should do something really, but I just wish the movie has something more permanent than a box-office record. 


I have yet to watch 'Thy Womb' and 'El Presidente', so as of now, I am beyond convinced that this movie deserved the Best Picture Award.

Kudos given to the two Angel in this movie for epitomizing two character. But between the two, I liked Angelica's portrayal of Jaq. It just too convincing, too real that it haunted me even after watching. Just remembering it sends shiver. It deserves an award, both of them honestly, but Angelica would have sufficed. Angel has evolved from Darna to an actres. I find it hard to imagine where did she get all those emotions to act out a character far from her. Dingdong and Zanjoe were able actors, though the magnitude of the women's acting really outshone them.  

I have read other blogs saying that the movie is a copycat of a Chinese Film "In Love We Trust" and that the original movie is way better. I have yet to watch the movie as well, but I think we should give credit to Star Cinema for making a good movie. Can't we just be happy, even for a short moment that a film outfit actually produced a good movie? I mean this copycat issue shouldn't be an issue at all. I think it is very common that a movie will turn out to be like another movie. Lumiere and Milies and all the other pioneers of the moving picture happened centuries ago. Ever since then, we've been producing thousands of movies so I don't think its much of an issue if a movies is like other movies. 

If you have money to spare, at least try and watch this movie too. I'm really sure it's worth it.

That's about if folks. Have good night. Smile!

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