'Tis the Season To Be Nonsense

Hi guys!

How's your holiday so far. As much as I wanted to be more productive, here I am, blogging my lazy bum.

I was able to do so little of what I have planned to do this holiday. As matter of fact, I was only able to accomplish one, and that is to clean my room. Now I can go to sleep without worrying about being eaten by bugs my laziness brought into my room. Apart from that I don't think I have done anything remotely productive. My thesis is still left undone, err I haven't even started yet. I have tons of work to do and I'm afraid I'll be cramming it up next year so that I can join the graduation march. To tell you honestly guys, cramming is what I do best.

My 'study desk'. Hoping to put it to use.
 But instead of blabbering about my lack of productivity, I'd rather talk about ummm, I'll think of something.... how about my face?
 You know, I really think that I've become more good looking this past few days. Although there are still days where I wonder why do I carry this face, I am now learning how to make the best of it. I have to thank all the camera effects for bringing out the best in my face. Honestly, I've been so vain that I'm beginning to hate myself. I have a DSLR and my previous phones are with cameras, but I've never been this vain. I am the epitome of a modern teenager, a cam whore: Picture this, picture that, edit this, edit that, post it here, post it there and voila! My pictures are everywhere.

How about the light show in Aguinaldo Shrine? Perhaps it is worth blogging about. Christmas has always been festive here in Kawit, well the whole country I guess. Apart from the yearly Maytinis, which is depictions of biblical events from Adam and Eve to the birth of Christ, all depicted in floats made the baranggays in Kawit. This year, the infamous Aguinaldo Shrine, home of the first president of the Philippines, was lit up by thousands of colorful lights dancing to the tune of various Christmas song. It's  sight to behold is you ask me. It's the first time the Shrine put on a show like this and it was freaking good. I have a couple of videos but I prolly post it later. If you are somewhere near Cavite, I really suggest that you visit the Aguinaldo Shrine. The show starts at 7 and ends at 10. There are bazaars, tiangge and a lot of food to keep you busy while waiting for the show so your time will not be wasted.

I guess that's all of it. I don't have much to say. I hope you guys are more productive than I am, and I hope you are enjoying whats left with you vacation. Have  good day guys, Smile!

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