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Good Morning Guys!

I had one of the most memorable day yesterday. Our school participated in the Anti-RH Bill parade, the one where the participants wore red shirts, I was one of them. I have openly claimed that I support the bill, it's just that my school is against it, and I am still enrolled so whatever it is they want from me, I have to obliged. 

After all is said and done, I still support the bill. The night before the parade, I was constructing an answer just to be prepared if someone asks me what my stand is. To me, the bill will gives way to choices, something we are all entitled to. It will give people the choice to either plan ahead, make better decisions, it let it all fall in to their hands, and accept whatever it is that is handed to them. In it's whole essence, what the bill what suppose to do, it's main cause, is what I like about it. Sure, there are some provisions that needs to be maid in my opinion, but generally, I think the bill stands in its own. 

I was with two smart specimen yesterday and we've had this conversations about the bill, faith, religion and the end of the world. It's amazing how people look at things. It saddens me though that there are some who will shove their beliefs to others throat just. I do believe that however insignificant an opinion is, we should it take it away nor convince otherwise, because what they believe in is part of their humanity. Take it away and they will lose a lot of sense, discouraging them to fathom things, which we humans are supposed to do. 

I would have made this even longer, I would have said more. But at the end of the day, I am just another blogger whose words will just vanish into the Internet. I just hope that whatever the decision is regarding the bill, it will be for what's best for our country and not of personal choice. After all they were elected to represent the people, not just themselves. I hope they do just as that.

I owe you guys a lot, but that will be it for today. Have a good day folks, Smile!

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