Snippets: Feelings Chopped Into Bits

Hi guys!

For the past few days I've been reviving my poetic skills, trying to familiarize myself with the craft I've known and loved. I haven't posted them here because they are tad too short, and not that worthy of a post their own, so I am putting them all together for a special Saturday post.

I am just
another dust
Occupying a little mass
In your universe that's vast
Wishing your stare will last
much longer than it must

Haven't we all, at some point, been so helplessly smitten that a stare is enough to get us by. I've been there far too may times that I want to remember. I feel like going back to High School and early College when I dwell on crushes and stolen glances to satiate my romantic hunger, I was too scared and too insecure to eve approach someone. I still am actually,  but I feel a lot wiser and in control now, so I don't really feel that bad. Though it still occur every now and then.

You may have seen me somewhere
But you, you never left my mind
To you I may be a stranger
To me, you're one of kind

I know I've only seen you once, maybe twice
But in my mind I've married you thrice

You may even forget how, when and why we met
But since that day, you've become my life's best kept secret.

In short, Stalking. Haha I've never done that physically, but ever since Facebook and everything else came out, I'm pretty much stalking everyone I like. I seem to be a total stranger to them, but I do now where they live. Kinda creepy is you ask me, but you can't blame me. I'm sure I'm not the only one who have done that. Raise your hand if you did.

As the light drew closer to my body
Memories of you came back to me
What we thought was going lo last
And what used to be us
Is now buried in each others past

And the moon sang a lullaby
With words we've thrown while saying goodbye
The stars sparkle like it did the first time we met
Now it reminds me of nothing but regret

We were two bodies burning with lust
And we slowly turn in to dust
And we became a story of the past
A love that never was.

I randomly thought of a verse and I weaved it into what's written above. That is how I usually construct my poem. I don't sit down and force myself to write, sometimes I think of a line or two, think of a good story and voila! Though it's not always successful and the I don't always make good poems, it wouldn't hurt if I try right?

I've been encouraging all of my friends to try and write poems, or even stories and I would gladly post it here in my blog and I would you like you, my dear readers to try and do the same. Try and write a poem or a short story and send them to me. Let those unspoken feelings come out, and maybe you might find the inner poet in you.

That's about it guys. I've been finalizing my giveaway so visit my blog again tomorrow! Have a good day folks, Smile!

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