I'm Fine. I Should Be. I Must Be.

Today I woke up feeling nothing. I think of nothing. I want nothing. Somehow it left me thinking that maybe I am nothing. After quite sometime, I figured out I was just fucking hungry.

It was liberating rather than hurtful. I've prepared for the worst, and what happened was far less than what I thought. There's a pang of pain, but nothing a smile can hide and a good food can solve. For once in my life, I've realized that I really am strong.

This past few days was never good for me. I felt like crying every time. The mere presence is enough to shake me up inside, sending shivers all through out my body. I actually thought I could never overcome it. As I said, it was liberating rather than hurtful. I realized while drinking my daily cup of coffee, that after all is said and done, I feel mighty fine, far from what I thought I'd be.

I thank those people who were there to keep me sane. I thank those people who unexpectedly stayed by my side and offered a word or two. I need not to go on details, in fact I'd rather not. All I can say is, I am fine.

There will always be a time that a problem will come and will test how much faith you have for yourself. A dilemma so great, it will rattle your whole persona down to your very sweat. Maybe this is one of those, maybe not. Regardless, I think I am ready to face that dilemma in the near future. I am actually scared though. What happened was beyond my imagination. It's just frightful what tomorrow will offer. Another thing I like about life. 

Rest assured, Metered Words is back to normal: All sunshine and happiness. I'd rather dwell on them. Have good day guys. Smile!

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