Feeling Very Relevant Today

The country's richest 1% has been exempted from paying the newly-imposed VAT on association dues.
An official of the Forbes Park homeowners' association, who asked not to be identified by name, has confirmed that the billionaires' village as well as neighboring Dasmarinas are not covered by the new ruling handed down by Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares imposing 12 percent VAT on condominium dues.
For instance, Forbes and Dasma residents pay only P23 a square meter every month in VAT-exempt association dues while unit owners of the lower middle-class DMCI condo in flood-prone Pasig struggle with P35/sqm plus 12% VAT in monthly assessments.
To those still suffering from holiday hangover and unable to reach for their calculators, that means the Pag-IBIG-financed buyers of the DMCI condo cough up 70 percent higher dues than the VIP residents of Forbes shell out. - InterAksyon

I am never the political kind. As much as possible, I'd rather not comment on something of political nature. But upon reading this, something in me felt like I need to say something. I know that my opinion will be irrelevant since I am not relevant enough to make a relevant statement. But since this is my blog, I will do as I please.

See!? Even Jackie Chan is not amused.

I have nothing against Sin Tax bill, in fact I am all for it assuming that the income will go into something beneficial and not to specific pockets. But this one is a bit concerning since we are talking about my class. Yes I humbly belong to that 1%, in fact I am blogging all the way from our humble home here in Forbes Park, QC. I have been rubbing elbows with Zobel de Ayala and Cojuanco teens for quite some time and I must say that we are very close. Sorry, I might have bee drinking a lot of coffee. I'm supposed to be formal and shit. Anyway, olding aside, I was like "What the fcuk?" while I was reading the news. I mean, why the heck would you exempt people who can actually pay and burden those who cant. Hello! They were able to afford a property in Forbes Park and Dasma Village, I do think they can handle that 12% VAT. In fact, they are the one's who should be taxed since they pretty much enjoy the goodness of life as oppose to those who works 8 to 12 hours a day. They could be earning money even when sleeping and you exempt them from paying taxes, which by definition should exempt no one? What a brilliant idea, why not push it further by really drawing a societal line? Why not impose an ID system a la Senior Citizen, which will identify who belongs where. The ID will contain which class do you belong and how much tax must you pay for every transaction. Wouldn't it be grand!? 

Everything is taxed nowadays. I am not surprised that one day, even air will be taxed. And I will not be surprised either that when that time comes, people living in Forbes Park or whatever rich village will be exempted. After all, they are living such hard lives. 


  1. ober ang sin tax na yan, kawawa naman ang mga farmers natin kasi sila ang nawalan hindi ang may bisyo dahil responsibilidad ng isang smoker or drinker ang pangalagaan ang katawan niya pwes kung ayaw mag-paawat eh di mag bonggang trabaho kalabaw para ma maintain ang bisyo! hindi effective ang sin tax na yan maniwala ka, at itong mga mayayaman na exempted sa tax wow ang bonggang nila to the highest level naman, lahat nalang exempted sila ano na ba sila diyos maswerte lang talaga ang mga yan dahil mayaman na sila pag gising nila sa mundo.

  2. I feel you here bro! Unfair sila!

  3. Di ka na nasanay sa gobyerno naten Euge! Haha. I-expect na naten na ganyan tlga mangyayari. Ganito sa pilipinas eh. Kung sino mayaman, lalung yumayaman, kung sino mahirap lalung naghihikahos makakain lang ng 3 times a day.