Not All Thoughts Are Gold

Soup. Sabaw - That is the most accurate word that describes me today. I don't have anything good to post, and I'd rather not talk about some random things. Not all thoughts are gold, so not all of them are worth writing. Anyway, I made this article way way before. I posted it in my 'rants' blog but deleted it and the blog so I'm posting it right now here. Have a good day guys. May your day be more productive than mine. Smile!

This is not Spratly's. This is Bantayan Island in Cebu.
I really don't get it. Why are even stressing ourselves for this group of islands. If China wants it, then give it. I don't see any reason for us to keep those islands. We have 7,107 islands, I don't think it would be much of a loss giving those islands to China. They say it is to establish territories, but to me, its pride,  both of China and our country.

China, as we all know it, is one of the largest country in the world, physically, economically, and militarily. Famed for its Great Wall and largest population. In fact, many believes that the Chinese civilization is one of the greatest. They contributed many things that still find use until today. I mean who doesn't know Confucius and his Golden Rule? And there's our country, The Philippines. Don't get me wrong I do love my country. But in times like this I wish that we give up or at least lower our pride.

Being one of biggest country in the world, China has a reputation to hold and protect. That being said, what would everyone think if a country as small as ours claimed a land that China believes to be theirs. If you were China, what would you feel? It's a shame right? That a small country like the Philippines goes head to head with a powerhouse like China. What do we have to offer when we can't even suppress terrorism in our country and we yet we had the nerve to enrage China? With nuclear weapons and large army? I guess the government is confident that US will back as up. I don't think so. China comes in second place as the world's biggest economy, next to USA. In the years to come, China would eventually go even with United States. I don't think US would even dare.

I know where our country is coming from. There is a law that we should follow, and in there, it is stated that Spratly Islands is ours. Democracy is what we aim for, it is in our best interest that we settle this feud in the most peaceful way, because obviously we will lose the war. That being said, what can we get from Spratlys? According to Wikipedia, other than fishing, tourism and 'possible' oil, the island is of no use. Most of it is uninhabitable, and those who were able to settle brought land from where they came from to the islands. I do feel that our government is doing what they think is best for our country. But I also feel that we are doing this because we are trying to make an impression that the Philippines can protect what is theirs, and in  respect for China, they are maintaining that impression as well. But if all of our efforts go in vain and China decides to pulverize our country? What can our government do to save its people, without the help of other countries?

Furthermore, I do think that China deserves those islands. They have inculcated their claim to the youngest of their people. It is included in their books and curriculum. While in our case, some do not know the existence of Spratlys until now. Some doesn't know where in the world are those the frigging islands are.

Yes, I do think that this is bullying, but China has all the reasons to do so, and we have all the rights to fight. But lets be practical, if I were the government, I'd give Spratlys of that is what they want. We have other island to tend to, lets not forget 7107 islands.


  1. you must also have noted that Japan is in rough waters with China because of an uninhabited islands too.

    1. oh yeah, but this was written before that, I just don't have the drive to add it haha