Here and Back Again

Hi Guys!

Wow, I miss saying that. How long has it been since I last blogged? Months I guess.. Anyway, how have you been folks? I hope that somehow, some of you missed me as much I missed this blog. So what happened, you asked?

I was just trying to graduate and all. I was busy with subjects, projects, thesis, OJT's, deadlines, exams, quizzes, and in the end, NGANGA! Haha

It was hard to take, it still is, actually but it will get me nowhere dwelling on what already happened. Besides, I do have some faults and I am guilty as hell.

Anyway, I was just dropping by before I cut my wrist, kidding! Haha moving one, I was just dropping by to say that Metered Words will be up and running again. I feel like I missed a lot so I guess I have to make up to those weeks that my blog was stagnant. I hope that many of you will still visit after my hiatus. 

That would be it for now, but I promise to come back with more stories and poems, just like the old Metered Words that you came to love. Have a good night folks!

1 comment:

  1. Of course I miss you! (so don't slash your wrist ha ha)

    Looking forward to the promise of more posts ha...