We Never Learn, Do We?

It saddens me how the the election turned out to be a repeat of people and names we have known since time immemorial. Really people? We have sung Gloc-9's "Dapat Tama", not to mention the raped and murdered to the nth degree "Vote Wisely" slogan, and yet sense must have been left at home while shading the ballot for the result is far from "Tama" and not entirely "Wise".

Its has been a cycle, honestly. It would be too stupid to call it a mistake anymore since people have been doing this every election. It has become a habit, and from what I have learned in my Religious Education, a bad habit is called Vice, and trust me, I am not the one to reference something religious.

We never learn, do we? We elect the incompetent, blinded by names, by blood, by familiarity and fame, sometimes fueled by greed ans money. After sometime, people will start looking for results and changes from promises given by the candidates whose name carry a weight, blood and money, and when none is given, people will complain how the government is not helping them, how the government is so incompetent, how they should have elected someone who can deliver results. Then come another chance to change the course of a country embroiled, drench and eaten by poverty and corruption that even its own people are disgusted with how the country, that was once a major power in Asia, turn out to be. False hope stemmed from false promises. And because we never learn, we will again trust the names which is now carried by the sons and daughters of people who promised change delivering a little to nothing, hoping that the fruit is better than the tree and it goes on and on, and scarily, it will still go on.

Sadly, those who deserve to be seated are left behind, trailing because they lack the name, and the means to be at the top and they are joined by those who had done something, those that had delivered results, and those whose intentions are pure.

All this ranting will get me nowhere unless I file for a certificate of candidacy. The results are still to be determined, but whatever the happens, I hope that they will never forget that it is the people they should serve, not their egos.

If you must know, I am still rooting for Risa Hontiveros, Ed Hagedorn, Dick Gordon and Jun Magsaysay.

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