Let My Voice Be Heard

I've been a fan of singing competitions ever since. Mainly because  both my parents can sing, and modesty aside, I've got the voice as well *wink*. That is why I am such a big fan of American Idol, Got Talent, X Factor and now, the Voice. These past few unemployed (must I really reiterate?) I did nothing but watch clips of blind auditions done in the British franchise of the hit TV Show.

I must say that the world will never run out of amazing singers. Its just so amazing to hear amazing voices with different tones and styles. I do think that the world itself is a big showbiz industry, with talents ranging from none to out-of-this-world. 

Our country alone is home to many talents. That is why singing and dancing competitions are done in every fiesta, talent exposition is done is every school, every network has their own talent search, and we have franchised some of the most popular talent search on the world. Its just that, talent is always, and should be always accompanied by a sad background story. I think that is one drawback of talent searches, you have to have a story in order for you and your talent to become relevant. We have witnessed a lot of this in every 'reality' show in TV. Just last week, I was very much upset with the results of Pilipinas Got Talent. I don't think I need to elaborate, to sum it all up, charity won over talent. 

Anyway, I just hope that this blind audition done in the Voice will change the game. Did you know that I auditioned for the Voice? I did! I submitted a video for their online auditions, but sadly I wasn't able to send the video because of my poor internet connection. I doubt it though, that I will be chosen had the video been sent. Say I got it, I would love to be in Lea Salonga's team. But I didn't so, I'll just be the perpetually complaining audience that I already am. Anyway, here's the video I made for the Voice. I blurred it cause my face is just.. yeah. Enjoy and have a good Sunday folks!

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