Gates, Gates Aw!

That must have been the lamest title I made. I just cant find the right words to summarize this post, and because my creativity lies somewhere between stick figures and Microsoft paint, I have arrived to that creative title.

Excited to read this one!

I bet you could already guess what I'm gonna write about eh? Yeah, I never really wanted to write about this but because I need the traffic, what have I got to lose. HAHA

First I am a bigger fan of Dan Brown than the MMDA, let's just be clear on that part. That being said, doesn't mean my opinion is based on a being a fan. My opinion is rather subjective, and meticulously weaved thoughts are what makes up this irrelevant take on this issue.
One of my favorite authors. 
What is our problem, really? Manila being the 'Gates of Hell' according to Dan Brown's fictional novel rattled the entire nation. When we could have avoided the problem had we understood that it was taken from a novel, a fictional novel, written by someone who was famous for his book saying Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a baby. It may seem bad, but I guess some people haven't read a single novel in their entire existence, and yet they react violently with verbal threats, when the issue at hand is so trivial that one need not to go that far. I think some of them had no idea who Dan Brown is until now, and yet they had the nerve to threat and throw insults at someone who was famous for fictionalizing facts. I am ashamed on how people reacted, much more that someone with a position like the MMDA Chairman who is expected to be more 'intellectual' are leading the pack. It gives the impression that we Filipinos are not familiar with novels and disclaimers. What a shame. 

Last time I checked I am still a Filipino, but I didn't feel 'disrespected'.

Sometimes, nationalism should be left at home especially when one cannot justify it. I read one good tweet yesterday which I think sums up what I wanted to say: Some people are nationalistic, but unrealistic. 

We should really try to lower our pride sometimes. Just saying...


  1. Am a Dan Brown fan too; of the books he wrote, I esp. like deception point & digital fortress. With regards to his new book and his description of Manila, I need to read it first, don't want to make an opinion based on hearsay. ;) Thanks for visiting my site, btw. :)

    1. I love Deception point, Digital Fortress not so much. I hav yet to read the book as well. Welcome, Id like to travel someday too.