The Humor That is Vice Ganda

Two weeks after his 'record-breaking concert' and his second Guilliermo Mendoza award, Vice Ganda once again takes the spotlight across the blogosphere as netizens react to his 'below the belt' and 'unprofessional' joke about one of the country's most respected journalist, Jessica Soho. The issue was put into spotlight when fellow Kapuso and another well respected journalist Arnold Clavio aired his dismay towards Vice's joke. 

First, we all know Vice Ganda and his brand of humor. He's been fueling his career with this brand of comedy for years now, which got him moviews, shows, concerts, albums plus fortune and fame that comes with it. He's been criticized for it (remember the Vice Ganda syndrome?), yet his stardom seem unaffected. 

In my opinion, I don't think Vice Ganda is stupid enough not to know the consequences of his every joke, especially this one where the subject is highly respected and admired. Maybe he became too complacent that the public wouldn't dwell much on it after the punchline, after all, it wasn't intended to offend anyone since it was clearly a joke. That being said, I still think Vice Ganda should be careful for now on, for not everyone is a as broad minded as he is to process that kind of humor without it coming off as offensive. That being said, I think we audience should also be careful with our judgement, and as much as possible scrutinize everything before reacting. This issue to me is just a mere case of a joke misunderstood. I don't think Vice meant it as badly as it came off. 

Come on people, we have bigger problem than this (why am I reacting? HAHA). Plus, the concert where the joke came from happened two weeks ago so why react just now? I have been reading comments and reactions around the internet and so far, this made the most sense. 

This was from a fan page I think. I didn't ask for permission to publish it, I hope they don't. It was of good intentions. 
What do you think folks? Comment away!

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