This Post Is Too Damn Good To Ignore

I don't know what to blog today. I made a post about the Vice Ganda-Jessica Soho saga but then I thought, what for? People will accept things that are within their level of understanding. There's no sense in trying to make them understand things which are way beyond their grasp. 

Anyway, to make up for it, here I am writing senselessly, hoping that this post would reach a decent amount of words to considered as a blog post. I thought of a topic to write about, it's not as exciting as the showbiz news floating around, nor will it generate much traffic as talking about showbiz news, but hell, I'll do it.

Have you ever wondered what happened on a certain day? Like for example, have you ever googled significant events that happened on your birthday? Today is 29th of May, and here are some significant events that happened on the same date.

  • Pope Paul I started his reign as, guess what? A pope. Just an info, I have always wondered where Popes get the Pope Name (assuming that's what its called) so I asked my ReEd teacher about it and he said that those elected as Pope choose their name based on who they want to emanate and the number after it corresponds to how many other Popes have used it, not their favorite numbers.
  • The current constitution of Switzerland took effect. Swiss banks are considered to be one of the best, and one of the most private. 
  • Einstein's light bending prediction confirmed. I googled this one, so that I could explain it further but this is a kind of science I never bothered learning so if you are really interested, read it yourself.
  • Bing Crosby records "White Christmas", best selling records to date
  • Edmund Hillary and Norkay Tensing reached the summit of Mt.Everest. Mt. Everest may be the highest mountain on earth, which is located on the highest mountain range on earth (Himalayas) but the highest mountain in the solar system belongs to Mars and its three times higher than Mt.Everest, Olympus Mons. But Olympus Mons is not a mountain but a volcano.(This was a stock knowledge, I didn't google anything because I'm so smart) 
There's a lot more but I'd rather you discover it yourself. It's time to feed your mind. Enough with all the showbiz shit, it wont teach you anything remotely productive. It wouldn't if once in a while you try and expand your knowledge. 

Have a good day folks! 


  1. I'm glad you didn't post about the Vice Ganda vs. Jessica Soho "whatever-you-call-it-between-them" cause I'm not going to read your post lol. I don't understand why people are making them "significant". Ewan ko sa kanila hmp!

    You did a good choice of post today thanks for the info and for the "FEED YOUR MIND" - I will! ;)

    1. Haha good thing pala iniba ko blog post ko. Im glad you like this one, although out of sheer boredom siyang post HAHA.

  2. Thanks for the history. I've done this quite a few times too, googling the significance of the day in an attempt to get inspired of what to write next. Truth is, the writer's mind is so easily hijacked by what's going on. So it is really is important to have a niche. Pero minsan mahirap talaga. Thanks for the follow. Followed you too..

    1. You are very much welcome! HAHAHA And thanks for the follow as well. I agree, apart from being easily hijacked, it is easily blocked too cause right now I cant think of a topic to post. Siguro nga I shoud find a niche.