What A Sunday! Ruel is in, Charice is out!

Last Sunday Night was crazy y'all!

I have moved on with how Pilipinas Got Singers Talent ended. In hindsight, I was half expecting Ruel Manlangit to win. I mean he's the perfect formula: young kid from the province who barely survives who can sing. Though I was really hoping for Intensity Breakers and Zilent Overload to win, I thought people will somehow get tired of the same singing winner. 
It's okay guys, you are well loved. I wish all the success you deserve!
You should have seen my face when it was announced the neither Zilent Overload nor Intensity Breakers made it in the top three. They were in my, and everyone else's Top 3, including the drifters. But lo and behold, they were the bottom 3. 

Congrats Kid!
I guess, there's no point in bickering about since it was already decided. I just wish Ruel all the best and congratulations! I hope you bring pride to our dear beloved country like...

Charice, who earlier last Sunday bravely admitted she is a lesbian. Its wasn't much of a shock to me  because we've been speculating about it since her sunshine and butterflies sweet sugar image like this,,

Became more edgy (albeit over the top hair) somewhat rebellious. A far cry from how we saw her growing up...

The speculation started after this, but it was amplified when a picture of her and a girl surfaced. What is even more shocking is how Charice looked like...

And then issues about her fighting with her mom over a girl are reported here and there. Reports of her eloping with the same girl were heard, but not once did Charice faced the camera and answered every Filipino's questions. Not until last Sunday.

I admit, I was one of those who criticized her for changing her look, I made like a thousand jokes about her hair back then. I also made fun of how she spoke English during her X-Factor days. But I have the utmost respect for her talent. Despite me criticizing and making fun of her, I still believe that she is a great singer, truly the most talented girl in the world. 

Her revelation last Sunday, made me love her even more, but now not only for her talent, but as a person. Only a few people will admit that their gay, much more in showbusines, and do it on national TV. I'm gonna go into detail, for sure you have all watched it. 

First, I felt her peace after she admitted being a lesbian. She became more relaxed after it, and it just shows how much that issue clouded her being, how that dilemma got the best of her. It was really liberating for her, you can really see it and feel it. Second, I admire her for accepting all the hate that people threw at her, all the issues hurled at her. Even some coming from people close to her. Third, it was probably one of the best interviews I've watched, Boy Abunda is really the country's King of Talk.

To Charice, I know me and my blog is synonymous to anonymous to you but, I just want to say that I am proud of what you did. Regardless of your chosen sexuality, I still believe that you are one of the best singers our country have. I wish all the happiness the world can offer. Continue making music. 


I guess that was how my Sunday went, how about yours? Have a good day folks, Smile!

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  1. Sorry can't relate with the topics don't know much about that show and know just a little about Charice lol. But when it comes to coming out - I respect anybody for that. As long sa masaya and hindi nakaka-panlamang sa kapwa Go lang!

    Hmn my Sunday... always a great day with the family. We stayed home and had a movie marathon while feasting on spaghetti that I cooked (instead of pop corn) lol.

    Have a great week ahead Gene :)