Pilipinas Got What?

The performance night of the 4th season of Pilipinas Got Talent just ended. Time now for the worst part of the show, the voting. I'd rather not comment on it. I mean, we cannot elect competent politicians, what more a winner for a reality show? Nevertheless, I'd give my take on the grand finalists performance. 

Ruel Manlangit
Ruel Manlangit - Yes, the boy could sing and yes, I was amazed during his audition. But after that, I started to dislike him. Its like everything went wrong after his performance. His song choice, his arrangements, and his style are all over the place. His belts, if not off key, its shaky. Forced would be a good word. Tonight's performance didn't do it as well. The song choice was bad as its arrangement. I didn't even know what song it was, not until the chorus that I figured out what song was he singing. The last note was bad. It was a so-so performance. Nobody's perfect, I know but since it was the grand finals, I expected more, and I was disappointed. His inclusion to the grand finals to me is an act of charity, no offense, Chaermon Basa was better that night. Him winning the title, if it's just me, I doubt it.

The Intensity Breakers
The Intensity Breakers - Only when they performed that I really felt that its a grand finals I am watching. It was intense, nerve wracking, adrenaline overloaded performance. I was not a fan of them before, I thought they were your ordinary dance group, but that was then. Their performance was beyond adjective, for they have defied life and death. I am rooting for them, in fact I want them to win the title. 

Lateral Drift Productions

Lateral Drift Productions - Another superb performance. I thought it was boring in the beginning but then it climaxed and ended with a drift  bang! Like the previous group, I was not a fan of Lateral Drift, until now in fact. But I am judging based on who I like, but how they performed through out the show. Them winning? It doesn't matter I think. Those guys are loaded if not rich. Drifting is not your ordinary sport, its expensive. Win or lose, the guys are already established. Let's give the prize and prestige to others. 

Frankendal Fabroa 
Frankendal Fabroa - I was amazed during his audition and it continued during the quarterfinals, but then he started talking about his daughter (God bless her soul). Yes, the story is moving, its a rare thing to be a single dad. But it became overused to the point that his sentences are not complete without mentioning his daughter (okay maybe I am a bit exaggerating) but still, I never liked it. It's Pilipinas Got Talent, not Got Story nor Got Awa. Besides, his talent alone is good enough, and I don't think it was necessary to bring out something like that. His performance was like any other he did. I think the audience is with me, for the cheering and shouting was not as loud as it used to be whenever he performs. Its the same steps, gestures and tricks, there maybe few new tricks that he did, but it was not enough to make an impact. Don't let me talk about his costume. Please. 

MP3 Band
MP3 Band - First, I don't hate them, I don't like them either. There more better bands in the country. Their performances was, quoting AiAi a high level of jamming. If I am aiming for 2 million pesos, I'd do better. Tonight though, I must say that they have improved, they were actually good. I was trying to suppress my enjoyment while watching them but they came prepared. Is it enough? No. If it wasn't for the fans, they wouldn't be in the grand finals and Chaermon Basa would have been there. I can't move on can I? But really, the last performance before the finals was not enough to take them to the finals if the voting is out of the equation. I don't think what they did was worth 2 million. However, their performance deserved a respect. 

Zilent Overload - Let me start with, I hate the "Zilent". Silent would have been fine. Anyway, from the auditions, they were one of the few who got my attention. From then on, I anticipate their every performance, and they did not disappoint me even once. Tonight, as always, was a feast for the eyes. It was a bright, colorful spectacle, borrowing from a Disney song, it was a ' A shining, shimmering splendid!". Are they worth the win? Hell yes! The props alone deserves an award. Sometimes, you have to amplify the talent you have, and that is what Zilent Overload did.

Verdict. I am torn between Zilent Overload and The Intensity Breakers.

How about you guys, what are your thoughts about their performance? Who is your bet?