Minsan, Hindi Sapat Ang Langit II

I arrived at the mall 30 minutes  late, I hope my partner is still there, and I hope he wont be raising his fee. Oh well! I can even buy his soul naman, so why bother. Anyways I decided to call na Miss Minda.
"Hello Miss Minda, this is Marie, are you already there? Well I'm coming, I'm wearing a red dress.."

"Oh me and my son is wearing green Miss Marie" was Miss Minda's reply in the most excited tone possible. 

"Oh nakita na kita Miss Minda.."

As I was approaching our meeting place, I saw Miss Minda. She's attractive and she looks younger than her age, not that I know but, just saying. My attention was drawn on the guy beside Miss Minda. He's good looking really, not the drop dead gorgeous type but, there's something in him that I  like already. He seems frail and vulnerable, and I always want to be in control, probably, this is not the first time that our path will cross.

"Miss Minda, I'm Marie, nice meeting you"
I tried flashing my best smile, to make up with me being late, and to get the guys attention, flirty me!

"Hi Miss Marie, this is Andrew, he is your date..."

"Oh! Hey Andrew, you look good, and how old are you?"

"Thank you po Miss Marie"
And with that Andrew mustered an award winning smile the entire female universe will fall in love with. This guy is good! But I am better. This is going to be an interesting night.

"18 na sya Miss Marie''

"I was actually asking him Miss Minda, but anyway, he's legal enough, we should get going. We need to get you dressed. Bye Miss Minda, i'll just return Andrew tomorrow"

"Take care Miss Marie. Hoy Andrew! Bantayan mo si Miss Marie ha. Miss Marie, yung ano po??"

"Oh yeah... Well here's the full payment, I dont really like down payments and stuff it makes me feel I owe someone something"

"Oh thank you Miss Marie, mauna na po ako. Andrew, mag-iingat ka"

"Lets go Andrew!"


Hindi ko aklain na ganun ka ganda yung costumer ko ngayon,jackpot! Pero parang may iba sa kanya, parang masyado yatang masungit. Siguro walang kaibigan. Ang pinagtataka ko lang, sa ganda nyang yan wala syang boyfriend man lang. Napaka pihikan nya naman yata, pero hinire nya ko. Ang gulo mo Miss Marie.4

"Quit staring..."
Sobrang Englishera naman nito. Mapapalaban yata ako nito. Hindi pa naman ako nakapag-baon ng maraming English. Patay.

"Sorry po. Miss Marie, pwede po bang magtanong?"

"No, I didn't pay you for that. Besides, our relationship is purely business, and for one night only, no need for the getting to know you stuff"

"Sorry po."

"Don't be, anyw.. AHHH"

"Miss Marie!"

Bigla na lang sumigaw si Miss Marie, at paulit ulit nyng sinasabi na masakit daw ang ulo nya. Lasing ba sya? Baka hangover, pero ang OA naman yata. Sabi ko dadalhin ko na siya sa ospotal, pero ayaw nya. Sa condo na lang daw nya, dumidiskarte na ba sya? Eh yun naman talaga ang ang babagsakan namen eh, ganun ba talaga pag mayaman? Hay nako Miss Marie.. your very...interesting (English yun!)
Ang ganda ng condo ni Miss marie, talagang pangmayaman.

"Andrew! Take me to my room, you can explore later. Gosh!"

"Sorry po Miss Marie.San po ba yung kwarto nyo?"

"Second door to the right. The key's in my purse, please hurry..."

"Eto na po Miss Marie..."

Nang mabuksan ko ang kwarto ni Miss Marie, namangha ako sa loob. Puro mga picture, my tao, hayop lugar bagay, ang dami. Siguro binili nya lang to, bakit naman kasi sya mag-papagod na magpicture kung pwede nya naman bilhin di ba. Nahiga na si Miss Marie.

"Hey Andrew..."

"Bakit po Miss Marie? Maghuhubad na po ba ko?"

"What!? If your body is made of medicine why not? But If not, go get me some in the bathroom"

"Sorry po Miss Marie. Saglit lang po."

Dyahe. Kakasimula pa lang ng araw namin ni Miss Marie, parang ang pangit na agad. Hindi ko din naman kasi siya maintindihan eh. 

To be continued...

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