Faith In Humanity A Little Bit Shaken

In my opinion, I think being a parent, a father, will be one of the hardest yet most fulfilling job there is. Just the idea of taking care of another life is just too good for words. That is why news about fathers mistreating their children affected me so much this past few days. Mind you they are not just spanking, this is a different level of mistreating, in fact, I just think its beyond human.

There was this father who injected his blood with HIV to his 11 month old son. News said that the father was did not want to have the child nor pay for child support as the mother and him are not married. In his desperation, he injected his blond with HIV hoping the baby will die from it. He was caught, arrested and was sentenced for life imprisonment. The baby however became HIV positive at the age of 5. Doctor expected him to die sooner but because of the amount of med he was taking, 23 pills plus some other. He miraculously won the battle against HIV and is now 22 years old. Whats even more surprising is that he, a devout Christian, forgave what his father did.

On the other side of the globe, there was a father who slammed his child repeatedly by the sidewalk, in front of the police station!  The shocking and brutal act was caught on the station's CCTV, and was witnessed by a lot of people. They thought that the father was just trying to carry the 3 year old child, but was caught unaware of what the father will do next. Holding the child from its young legs, the father then slammed the poor child on the concrete sidewalk, hitting the head first. Not once. The footage was just beyond human. I still cringed whenever the footage is played, or just remembering it. 

The father was confined in a hospitals psychiatric ward, while the poor child, although rushed immediately to the hospital was announced dead after 2 days.

I dont know want went into the heads of those two fathers, but I doubt it included some sense in it. I just with something likfe those will not happen again. For I, I will never ever hurt my children, much more be the cause of their own death. 

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  1. No offense dear but I certainly won't click those links. I can't even stand watching/listening to the news every time it's on TV...

    1. Thats fine Ate Balut. I just couldnt believe such news exist thats why I read it out of curiosity. I myself cringes everytime that news is on TV.