Ask Napoles For a Title, We Have the Same Answer

The first game console I received was a Family Computer, way back... so back actually that I could hardly remember the actual year. Anyways, I wasn't able to make it work back then because of a missing adaptor or whatever, and since it came all the from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whatever is missing will take ages to arrive. I was disheartened, though it was a time when kids prefer actual social games where you interact with real human beings, so in just a few hours, I forgot about it. 
After sometime (I still can't remember how long) my Mom sent another console, this time, the then uber popular Playstation. I was very, very excited. I think I was around Grade 4 then. The game that came with it was a Jackie Chan sorta game. Because I was young, I was limited to an hour of gaming everyday. Since then, I have touched a lot of gaming consoles and played a lot of games. 

But what struck me the most of all the games I played (besides Pokemon. Pokemon is on the pedestal of all the games) was Legend of Legaia and Legend of the Dragoons. I first played both when I was in 5th Grade and boy! Was it addicted of what? It was actually my cousin who bought the CD and we both started playing. It was my first time to actually play an RPG  and I was very hooked to the point that my Aunt has to keep the Playstation in her room, which I sneak into whenever I am left alone at home. Sad thing though, my PS broke down even before finishing the game.

But thank God (and CERN)  for the Internet! I can now play PS1 games by just downloading an emulator! Guess what my first game is? Kinda obvious....
4 Disc adventure! 
Should receive an award from Greenpeace. 
I don't know what's with these two games. Its not as famous as the Final Fantasy series which I have played as well, but these two, they have something in them that makes me want to play all over again. Certainly not the graphics, that's for sure. Nostalgic, yes. Makes me want to go back in my childhood days. Anyway, I have been playing for the past days that I wasn't blogging. I stopped because of Super Typhoon Yolanda and Janet Lim Napoles which is another topics worth blogging.

Before I end this, let us all pray for Visayas, especially Bohol and Cebu. A super typhoon after an earthquake! What's with Visayas? Keep safe folks! Pray before we sleep!


  1. Awww, this is so sweet Ate Balut! Youre welcome and thanks as well!

  2. U, D, U - somersault
    L, L, D - power punch
    R, D, L, U, L, U, R, D, L - vahn's craze