I Wrote A Little Something Here

enchant me.

You're this warm gentle soul
flaws and all
who managed to climb
No, break
my great big wall

How did you?
How could you?

You see through
and all the things I want to be
all that I can never be
all that I used to be
and all that I can be

Perhaps fate, perhaps love
Could be destiny or all of the above

But the hand of the universe
ever so playful
that this I feel
should be carried in humble silence
for the stars
and all the heavenly bodies agree
there can never be you and me

Hi. I was in a writing mood awhile ago so I hurriedly put it to good use since it comes rarely nowadays. Sadly it didn't last that long. Just after a cup of coffee and a few sticks of cigarette, the blank paper in front of me remained blank. I was able to write the poem above though, but I was hoping for more. Hell.

How have you been folks? Did you miss me? 

I can't promise anything but I sure am glad to be back here and blogging, though it may take a few days for another blog post to be posted. 

I'm fine if you wanna ask. I left Manila last December to live in Cebu for good. So here I am blogging my fat lazy ass in Bantayan Island, and boy! I am loving it!

Those are just some of the photos I took while going around. Anyway have good day guys. Smile!

1 comment:

  1. That's one emotional but nice poem! Mukang may pinaghuhugutan.

    Of course I miss you! I hope that this come back post will be for good just like your decision to stay in beautiful Cebu. Have you been to Malapascua Island? It's one of my dream destination that's why I'm asking.

    By the way I need you here. And I won't take no for an answer :)