A woman. A friend. A mother (Staccato para matuwa ka!)

These are just three of the many words and adjectives that best describe you, if it isn’t your birthday, I would have included LOUD as it captures your inner truest essence. Kidding aside though, in all honestly and seriousness, which you know I don’t have much of the latter; you are one of the most amazing woman I have ever met. *insert True Colors here*

Life would have broken you down, torn you in to pieces. Life would have triumphed over you my dear friend, but no. You fought, you fought so fucking hard. You used whatever you have been through to your advantage and you succeeded. I know I was always the leader, and I always claimed to be the smart one, but deep in my heart I know that I really am that you have more capacity to be the leader and you don’t have to claim it because you already are the smart one.  I have always looked up to you, I would always ask myself: How does she do it? Because with everything that’s going around you, you can still do things and finish them with flying colors, with rainbows and shit. You know what, out of all my friends who graduated, I was most proud of you. You are a living testament that life only defeats you when you let it. I was proud because you proved them all wrong, something I have yet to achieve.

I am thankful that I met you. I thank God that you chose us to be your classmates. I thank you for letting me be your friend no matter how eff up I am.

I wish you all the best things in life Nin, you deserve it. Keep doing what you do because you are so good at it: being a friend, a partner and a mother. You are very talented friend, except dancing, just don’t… stahp.

Happy Birthday Nin! I love you and I miss you two! Pa-canton ka naman!

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