6 Reasons Why Lea Salonga is a Badass!

If there is one thing the Philippines show business has done right, that would be the existence of Lea Salonga.

The Philippines Broadway Diva is known world wide for her outstanding achievements in theater, her pitch perfect singing, her beauty and her awesome wit. She is one of the most respected and admired personality in the Philippine show business and it's not really hard to understand why. 

And because I'm a fan, and I am planning to join the Voice and I want her to be my coach (as if that is something achievable), I made a list of  why Ms. Lea is such a badass.

When Lea met Tony
Tony Awards is like Oscars to movies, Grammys to music and Emmys to television. Base from that analogy, you could imagine the magnitude of Ms. Lea Salonga's triumph. Before winning the most coveted theater award, Ms. Lea subsequently won the Lawrence Olivier Award for Best Performance by an Actress for her role as Kim in Miss Saigon, soon after the production moved from London to Broadway, and that is when Lea met Tony. 

Two Voice, One Girl

I know it's kinda like a well known fact that Ms. Lea was the singing voice of Disney princesses Mulan and Jasmine, but I just have to have it on the list. A lot of girls dream to be a princess, she did it, not once but twice. A Whole New World also won the Oscars Best Song in 1993. For her contributions, she was awarded a Disney Legend. Princess na, Legend pa!

Two Roles, One Girl

Just in case you have been living under a rock, Les Miserables is a novel written by Victor Hugo which was later adapted to a musical. If you haven't read it yet, Eponine and Fantine are two important characters in the novel, so you could just imagine, again, the magnitude of playing both roles. She first played Eponine for the 10th Anniversary concert in 1995, and Fantine, not the shampoo (I just have to have that joke) in 2007 for the 25th. 

The Coach

It was a huge buzz back then when ABSCBN bought the rights for The Voice, a very popular, yet again singing competition. Partly because its very popular, duh! Partly because of the Coaches. People were clamoring and guessing who would be the four coaches of the said competition since every singer in the country had been, one way or another, involved in a singing competition. Everyone rejoiced when Ms. Lea's name came up. It was a good and bad thing for me, because I don't think I could open my mouth, let alone carry a tune, if I knew that Lea Salonga is listening, I mean hell fucking o? Its frigging Lea Salonga!

Fast forward, the show was a success, and it was no surprise that Coach Lea's team won the first season. 

She's a Gamer
Now there's a shocker! Who would have thought that this woman would ever hold a gaming console? Let alone play Bioshock over night? Or God of War? Or Final fuckcing Fantasy? I bet you didn't but apparently, she does! I thought then that this woman spend her entire day honing her skills and all, but I was damn wrong. Just read this article she wrote. My respect and love for her was certainly doubled. What a woman!

She doesn't care

She swears, she says what she wants and she will definitely tell you to fuck off. If you follow her on Twitter and you go back to her timeline, you would love her even more. I love it when people swear, even more someone as well known as her. She doesn't care and I love it! Sometimes, people need to be told off every once in a while, especially bashers (not that I have one) and oh boy! Ms. Lea is certainly not someone to mess with, unless you want the F-bomb.

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  1. Whew I was shocked with your title. I actually thought you were a basher and your against her. This gave me confusion