In The Lonely Hour

No, its not about me. The title refers to an album of my current obsession.

Ladies and gents, let us welcome another addition to my English addiction: Sam F. Smith. Okay, his middle name is not F, its just that he is fucking amazing, that it should be his middle name, at least for me.

In fact last night, after seeing his live performance in SNL, I just couldn't contain my excitement and amazement so I shared the video, but oh my mind works in a strange way and this happened.

Anyway, I first heard of Sam F. Smith from 'Latch' by Disclosure where he was featured. If you have't heard the said song yet you are missing a lot. It was followed by 'Money On My Mind' which was now taken from his debut album.After hearing MOMM, I thought that he was just another pop star wanna be, I didn't even know he was Brit, not that it would matter though (okay a little, maybe). Then I heard Stay With Me, not his version though but a cover by my dearest Ed Sheeran. It was a damn good song so I googled who sang it originally and now I'm obsessed. Lay Me Down, one of his song is actually playing as I write this, actually, for honesty's sake its been playing since yesterday. It has become my favorite track in the album, even more when I saw the live version via Saturday Night Love. Oh boy! Oh man! It was ugh!

Sam F. Smith is also gay and he said that his songs were about unrequited love, written for those guys who didn't love him back. He had me at unrequited love. You can really feel the longing in his songs especially with Stay With Me and Lay Me Down. So if you folks are looking for new songs to be your drunken night soundtrack go and check Sam Smith's In The Lonely Hour. If in case his songs didn't get you, call your cardiologist because your heart is probably made of stone.

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