I Can Be Very Mouthy

You annoy me. You annoy the hell out of me. You annoy the hell out of my every atom. Your mere presence is enough to make my blood boil like a deep fryer. You make me want to be Mt. Vesuvius and pour hot lava on your big airy head! I want to write tons of offensive things about you right now ,but I'm afraid I will run out of offensive adjectives.

Let me post a philosophical question: If you didn't exist, will you still be annoying? I know my question has no point, but so is your existence! So I'm gonna call it quits. I'm running out of things to say because I'm enveloped in so much hatred my vocabulary is not functioning well. I blame you, your immature views and your selfish philosophies.

You always have an excuse. You always have an excuse for all of your short comings. Its not the weather you fucker, its you! You have a problem with responsibility and it's a big one! Can you please, for just one effin time, own up your mistakes and stop blaming the world. You always have a reason for all your mistakes that you forget the effin fuck fact that it was you who made them out of the choices life presented for you, so if there is someone to blame it's not the Cthulhu but you!

I hate it when you try to be smart and philosophical and all. "I really don't care about having absences, as long as I live the life I want", "I don't care about failing, I'm just here because I have nothing else to do" Bull-fucking-shit! If that's the case then quit already, right? If you really don't care about anything, just make sure you don't bring everyone else down with your short comings, but as of late, you are, so the warning is a little too late.

Okay now I'm fine. I just need to let some steam off guys. It's been a rough week because of a certain someone at work, well there are lots of 'em but this particular one is getting on my nerves. Sometimes I wish I am as blunt personally as I am in print, but I just can't. He should be thankful that I am not because I don't know what might happen if the inner war freak in me came out. Other than that, I have nothing else to say. 

If you wanna ask, which I know you wouldn't since there's just like three people visiting my blog and less than half of them is reading it, I used screenshots from some of my favorite movies which are: The Breakfast Club, V for Vendetta, Pulp Fiction (not really a favorite) and Coffee and Cigarettes. It's irrelevant I know but you should watch it because I said so. And it's probably good. Or not. Whatever.

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