Because Of Reasons

Pont De Arts, a bridge in France famous for the "Love Locks" has been taken down. Some parts of the bridge collapsed due to the amount of love locks, enter Jovit Baldivino with 'Too Much Love Will Kill You'. So its official, walang forever

If there's one thing I want to spend forever with, its food. Food will always be there for you, food will never leave you. Food is love. 

I'm getting fat. I've been eating like a hungry caveman these past few days. Me and a friend had been going around town visiting eat-all-you-can restaurants. I really want to take pictures of the food we ate but my phones camera is not working. But so far, the places we've been to are good. Worth the money that was never mine to begin with. 

As of the moment I am fighting the urge to go out and go to the nearest McDonalds have have myself a big fucking burger and chicken nuggets. Ugh. As I get fat, my pocket gets thin, another reason why I should just stay in my room and act depressed. 

Anyway, I am writing randomly because I want to get back into writing and I heard, or read, or thought that writing a little, no matter how senseless and random it is, helps. Anyway, I will leave you guys with the cutest, most adoring GIF I've seen in the net. I am in love with this. I still love food, but ugh.


  1. Hmp. Bro, may Poreber! Maniwala ka sa akin! :P

  2. HAHAHA sana nga.. babawasan ko na din pag kain ng ampalaya..

    1. Oo! kasi ayon sa aking pagpapakadalubhasa at pag-aaral (ang toroy diba? ahahhaa ako na talaga!) May poreber, sadyang mejo bitter ground lang daw ang hindi naniniwala kaya sarado ang isip sa mga posibilidad na mangyari ito. haha! let's talk more about this! add mo ko Fb! :)