Cafe RnB: First Impressions Never Last

I visited my cousins today. They are working and I have to wait until the end of their shift. So after eating at Bucket Shrimps, where they work. I wandered around Mactan to find a place to waste my time.

Then, a glowing beacon of light shines some 500 meters from where I stand. It's signage screams coffee. My second favorite afternoon drink. So I dragged my sweaty self, excited at the thought of freshly brewed coffee and probably cake. Which, in my opinion is the perfect couple to do food porn.

Cafe RnB is situated somewhere in Mactan. I don't know the exact place. Ask Google, or Dora. The place is fine. Nothing spectacular or unusual. It's quite homey really.

Just so you know, I am struggling. I don't really know how to write reviews in a way that people will be enticed to come and visit. My vocabulary is limited to insults, sarcasms and profanities.

I ordered my usual Caramel Macchiato and some Oreo Cheesecake. Grabbed a chair and relaxed my flat but.

The coffee is its usual taste so is the cheesecake. With that being said, I think this is the part where I am suppose to end a review whilst suggesting that you visit the cafe as well. It's your life, I don't care where you drink your coffee and eat your mother effin cheesecake.

Ugh. Sorry

2PM Thoughs

1. I am having a hard time taking pictures if what I am currently devouring. I don't want to be seen as a self obsessed uber-narci. That explains the poor qualities of the picture you see in this post.

2. I am doing this post through my phone. Because I am such a dedicated blogger and I am also bored. I also doesn't want them to think that I am a lonely psycho waiting for my next victim.

3. I feel sad for the two barristas/waiters here. I can see the despair and sadness in their eyes as the Japanese couple left the cafe. I don't know if its because they have no other customer aside from me and they probably think I am a depressed person.

Food Update: I am beginning to appreciate the coffee and the cake. They grow on you.

Place Update: I transferred seat. I went to this corner where the curtains are pink, so are the cushions and they have artificial grass... Love it!

Verdict: I love the place. I think it's perfect for those people who wants to be alone for a while. Maybe I just got lucky because its a weekday and people are working. Whatever the reason is, I like the place. If you must know, the artificial grass did it.

So, if you happen to be somewhere in Mactan and you need to wait for your cousins, I highly suggest you visit Cafe RnB.

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