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"Ain't you tired Miss Hilly? Ain't you tired?"

Aibileen Clark's voice echoed through my head as thoughts of opening yet another blog clouds my other head. Yet the hard headed, better looking me prevailed. So after a few cups of brandy, I decided to open, for the nth time, another blog.

Like any other smart, average looking, and trying hard blogger, the first step is to think of a name. As creative as I thought I am, I still find it hard to think of a catchy, witty and censor-friendly name for my blog that will really define what I will write about. Here are some of the names I came up with.

1. genexvodka - Yeah, sure. Let the whole world know that you’re an alcoholic. Let the them think that your past time is tequila shots and you majored in cultivating potatoes. If it isn’t enough that you will probably flood your blog with drunken thoughts.

2. ahotcupofgene - Hot, of course, is one of the many adjectives most people associate with me. Cup is a kitchenware mostly used to drink rum, at least in our household. Gene is an Egyptian god of hope, purity and thereal beauty. It also happens to be my name. I love my parents.

3. generights - Get it? Please tell you get it? Ugh, okay. I think its a cute pun. I don’t care about your opinion. My friend told its funny, and he's dyslexic.

Then, an epiphany hit me. Its the smartest, most profound name ever. It sums up all that this will be. I consulted my Mom who is very wise, and my Dad who is non-existent, and to stop my further tantrums and manic depressions, they just told me to the whatever the eff I want.

So the name you see on the address bar, no, not the tab where a porn is loading, the other one, yes, that’s my new blog name. Spell awsom... owsum.. ohsam? Ugh, woohoo! Here’s to more writing, better consistency with writing and better proofreading! Welcome to my blog guys. I guarantee you nothing but fun and entertainment, at my expense of course.

Now, where's my vodka.

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